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Fishing near siali
Siali Sea Beach
Category Natural / Scenic beauty

Siali Beach is one of the picturesque beaches in coastal Odisha. It is situated in the coastal waters of Jagatsinghpur…

Category Natural / Scenic beauty

It is an attractive tourist spot comprising vast green shades of casuarinas vegetation, shimmering golden beaches, natural creeks and island,…

Category Others

Jagatsinghpur, the smallest district of Odisha in size, is known for its rich cultural heritage and contribution to socio-economic development…

Chandapur Mandira
Category Religious

At end of the Village Mahilo in a tipical rural atmosphere, the famous temple complex of Lord Raghunath Jew and…

Gadakujanga Mandira
Gada Kujanga Temple
Category Religious

Famous for its presiding deity Kunja Behari, Garh Kujanga is also known as Subhadra Kshetra, The Raghunath Jew Matha located…

Paradeep Port
Paradeep Port
Category Adventure, Natural / Scenic beauty, Others

It is a major sea port of India for trade activities. The enchanting beauty of the sea, a wonderful sea…

maa sarala temple
Maa Sarala
Category Historic, Religious

Jhankad is the sanctum sanctorum of Goddess Sarala, regarded as one of the most spiritually elevated expressions of Shaktism from…