Maa Sarala

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Jhankad is the sanctum sanctorum of Goddess Sarala, regarded as one of the most spiritually elevated expressions of Shaktism from time immemorial. Believed as a synthesis of divine figure of Durga and Saraswati, the culture of Sarala is an amalgamation of three principal Hindu cults namely Vedic, Tantrik and Vaishnavite. It is one of the eight most famous Shakta shrines of Odisha. The main idol, carved out of stone is of eight-armed keeping her right feet on the lion in Mahinsha Mardini posture. Constructed by the legendary Bhauma Kings in the 8th Century.The place has a legendary association with sage Parshuram, the song of sageYamadagni .Thus, this place is of high historical importance as a centre of Parshuram cult Puran describes that parshuram,the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu,engraved the deity by his arrow and worshiped her for wisdom & power.It is also associated with the first epic poet of Odisha,Adikavi Sarala Das of 15th Century AD. The accommodation facility to the place can be availed by booking rooms at Kuberaputa dhrmasala which is located at Kanakpur and managed by Temple trust.For better accommodation facility tourist can prefer Jagatsinghpur or Paradeep, where they can find better hotel and lodges.The nearest banks to the place are S.B.I Tirtol and U.B.I Tirtol which is located at Manijanga. The nearest ATM is available at Rahama, which is near about 10 k.m from temple. The nearest medical facility are available at PHC Manijanga and some local nursing homes.

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02 Kilometer from Jhankad Sarala Road

By Road

The temple is 18 k.m from district head quarters Jagatsinghpur,which is connected by bus service to the temple.Sarala temple is approximately 55 k.m from cuttack.