District Employment Exchange, Jagatsinghpur


  • The District Employment Exchange, Jagatsinghpur was functioning after creation of Jagatsinghpur District in the year 1993 in private rented building as Employment Sub-Office and consequent upon formation of new Districts. , the Sub–Office up–graded into District Employment Exchange. The jurisdiction of this District Employment Exchange, Jagatsinghpur covers the entire revenue district of Jagatsinghpur.
    Prior to up–gradation and functioning of District Employment Exchange, Jagatsinghpur, another Special Employment Exchange has been functioning at Paradeep to cater to the demands of Paradeep Port Trust, Paradeep. At Present the service of special Employment Exchange has been thrown open to all common public and its jurisdiction covers only to Kujanga, Ersama & Tirtol Block only.


  • The Jurisdiction of the District Employment Exchange, Jagatsinghpur covers the entire newly created revenue district of Jagatsinghpur consisting of 8 (Eight) Tahasils namely:- Jagatsinghpur,Biridi,Raghunathpur,Tirtol,Kujanaga,Erasama,Balikuda,Naugaon along with 8 (Eight) Blocks namely:- Jagatsinghpur,Biridi,Raghunathpur,Tirtol, Kujanaga,Erasama,Balikuda,Naugaon.


  • The construction of the departmental building is completed by R&B,Jgatsinghpur & District Employment Exchange,Jagatsinghpur is now functioning in the departmental building from 1.12.2017.


The staff position according to the sanction strength is detailed below:
Sl. No. Name of the Post Sanctioned post Staff in position Vacant
1 District Employment Officer. 01 01 0
2 Junior Employment Officer. 01 0 01
3 Head Clerk. 01 01 0
4 Senior Clerk. 01 0 01
5 Junior Clerk. 02 0 02
6 Data Entry Operator(01) 01 01 0
7 Peon. 02 0 02
8 Pcc 01 01 0


Different items of Work
Sl No. Items of workYear Year 2015 Year 2016 Year 2017 February 2018
 1  Registration 4248 3274 3629 742
2  Notification 01 0 0 0
3  Submission 1026 30 0 0
4 Placement 0 01 04 0
5  Live Register 24409 21606 23234  23234
6  Vacancy Outstanding  84 97 74 71
Break up of live Register.
Category Male Female Total
Below ME 05 03 08
Below Matric 547 157 704
Matriculates 989 4613
Intermediate Arts  3141  2824  5465
Intermediate Science  677  865  1542
Intermediate Commerce  651  146  797
+ 3 Arts  1673  1267  2440
+ 3 Science  364  220  584
+ 3 Commerce  421  78  499
Diploma Holders  660  117  777
I.T.I. Trained  1322  8  1330
C.T. Pass  61  158  219
Pharmacist  75  22  97
Nurse  22  131  153
Stenographer  4  7  11
Typist  25  4  29
Librarian  0  0  0
Others  535  520  1055
Total 13505 7729 23234
Special categories of applicants in the Live Register
Category Male Female Total
Schedule Caste 2531 1487 4018
Schedule Tribe 60 18 78
OBC 1536 731  2267
SEBC 2165 1482 3647
P.H. Persons 94


  • Employment Exchange are responsible for collecting regular information on employment in the Public and Private Sector Establishments. This is done by the way of Establishment Reporting System under this system all the Establishments employing 25 or more persons under the provision of the Employment Exchanges (CNV) Act – 1959 have made obligatory on them to submit Quarterly ER – I Return to the local Employment Exchange. The E. M. I. Unit is functioning at the District Employment Exchange, Jagatsinghpur with effect from 1.4.93. The following table will indicate the total number of Establishments covered under Public and Private Sector.
Special categories of applicants in the Live Register
Public Sector No. of Estts. Addressed. No. of Estts. Responded. Percentage Total Employment No. of Estts. Newly identified
CG 07 07 100 555
CGQ 53 49 92 3201
SG 148 133 89 11228
SGQ 22 18 81 963
LB 2 2 100 210
Total 232 209 90 16157
Pvt. Act. 19 16 84 4170
Pvt. Non-Act 12 12 100 232
Total 31 28 90 4402
Grand Total 263 237 90 60159


  • The Return ER-I and ER-II is used for collection of occupational and education details of employees from both the Public and Private Sector Establishment in quarterly basis ie January, March, September,and December of every year. The ER-II Return for Private Sector & public sector is collected every year biennially.


  • Due to dearth of employment in organized sector, be it of public or private sector can not absorb the huge pool of unemployed youth. To mitigate the growing problem of unemployment in the state.Goverment departments have been advised to explore the scope for innovative self employment projects under various sectors and to play more proactive roll for creation of large scale self-employment and wage employment opportunities which will ensure more productive and efficient use of available human resources.
    As part of the Employment policy 2005 an employment mission has been lunched .This is headed by chief ministers and includes all members of counseling ministers ,5 MLAs,5 MPs and 10 members from among bankers ,professionals civil society organization.
    While this apex body will be determining polices and general direction ,there is a executive body of mission headed by chief secretary .The mission has direction to constitute if deemed necessary ,an empowered committee and task forces on different operational aspects.

Job Oriented training Programme Connect to our district:

  • Generation of Employment is being top priority by the Government to touch life of every family .unless the family income raises to a minimum extent ,the developmental Programme whatever thought shall not take an effective turn .To give life to this objective government has lunched Employment Mission .A Flagship programme in the year,2005.
    Its main aim to assist the unemployment youths of the society through different departments of the Government to find suitable avenue of self Employment. To make the different training programme effective, the OSEMS has been providing funds .The following department activities have been under taken since lunching of Employment Mission.


  • Presently society is running towards raped industrialization .Industrial establishments for their requirements normally put demands for technical persons which covers more than 85% and non technical persons cover less than 15%. On the other hand the Employment Exchange are having in their L.R 15% Technical Persons & 85% non technical persons .This is an embarrassing mismatch the society has ever experienced .Keeping the situation view, Employment Mission has under taken a short term lunching programme of duration one months to six months to upgrade the skills of the interested and unemployed non technical youths to make them fit to lunch their self employment venture. From the year 2005 to till date different training programme have been organized in different sectors


  • Training of youth under Pre-Recruitment Coaching for entry into defence Services.
    Under the Employment Mission steps are being taken to improve the employability of the unemployed youth in the districts. As large numbers of vacancies arise regularly in defence and paramilitary forces it has been proposed to tap this source for the benefit of unemployed youths both in rural & urban areas.
    From the year 2009 to 2013 three PRT camp were organized and 150 unemployed youths have undergone training for a period of 15 days out of which more than 20 trainees get placement in defence sector.

Computer literacy Programm by OCAC:-

  • Another programme organized by OCAC and funds provided by OSEMS, is knows as computer literacy Programme.This training programme is 30 days duration. A total number of 2100 trainees got trainined in this programme in 8 different centers of Jagatsinghpur district .details are given below.


  • As per the schemes of the Odisha State Employment Mission Society and the direction of the Director of Employment and Employment Mission, Mega Job Fair were organized every year since 2012 by the District Employment Exchange, Jagatsinghpur collaboration with , District Administration, Jagatsinghpur.This programme is meant for educated unemployed youths of the district having minimum educational qualification from 5th pass to graduation.Especially youths those who are not getting easy opportunity to come abreast with day to day situation..
    Long before the conduct of the programme, Recruiters/Employers of reputation both out of state and inside the state as well as PIAs (Programme Implementing Agencies) those who have signed MOUs with OSEMS were invited to the programme for participation and to exercise their choice with regard to their demand in terms of training and employment.