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Paradip is one of the Major Ports of India and is the ain out-let and in-let of the sea-borne trade of the eastern part of the country spread over States such as Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, adhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal.The natural resources and industrial products of this wide spread hinterland are immense and the value of the mineral trade of the country passing through the Port of Paradip is considerably higher than many other Major Ports of India.

The Port was started as a mono-commodity port for export of Iron Ore, However, with addition of berths, the Port handles bulk cargoes like Thermal Coal, Coking Coal, Chrome Ore, Manganese Ore, Sei-Processed Ore cargo like Charge Chrome, Ferro Chrome, Ferro Manganese, Limestone, Hard Coke, Ingots and Moulds, Billets and steel mmaterials, Dead burnt agnesite, Scrap, Fertilizer, Food grains, and Feefer cargo at the 5 general cargo berths.The Port started handling containers and transhipent of petroleum products in 1991. One berth has been earmarked for handling POL products. Another berth is being used by Paradip Phosphates ltd to import their raw materials viz Phosphoric Acid, Ammonia, Sulphur, Rock Phosphate, Mechanical loading of Thermal Coal began in 1994.The varied nature of cargo handled bears testimony to the efficient and personalized services of this Deep Water Port.


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Latidute: 20 - 15'-55,44" N

Longitude: 86-40'-34.62"E

(210 nautical miles south of Calcutta and 260 nautical miles north of Visakhapatnam.)

Meteorological Data:Maximum Temperature 41.4 C.

Minimum Temperature       8.9 C                                                                      Annual Rainfall (Average)  1480 mm                                                          Average Wave Height       1.50 mtrs. to 2.50 mtrs.(summmer)                    Average Wage Height       0.90 mtrs.to 1.20 mtrs.(winter)                        Maximum Wave Height     5.30 mtrs.inium Tide 0.40 mtrs.                       Maximum Tide                   3.50 mtrs.                                                             Wave direction                   S.W.                                                           April-Septeber                   N.E./E.                                                                    Average Wind Speed                                                                                Summer.                            35 to 42 K/Hr.                                                   Winter.                              18 to 24 Km/Hr.


The Port of Paradip has an artificial lagoon type harbour protected by two rubble mound "Breakwaters" and approached by the dredged Channel.The North Break-water is 538 mtrs. long on the Northeastern side of the Port and the South Break-water is 1217 mtrs. long on the South-eastern side. The position of the Channels inside the harbour is as under; Approach Channel 2020 mtrs.long 190 mtrs.Wide (-) 12.90 mtrs.deep.Entrance Channel 500 mtrs.long 160 mtrs.wide (-) 12.90 mtrs.deep.Turning Basin -Port has a large Turning Basin of 520 mtrs.in diameter.


Iron Ore Berth: Jetty Length 155mtrs.Jetty Width 13.75 mtrs.Distance between Dolphin to Dolphin 320 mtrs.Maximum LOA of vessels accepted 260 mtrs.Maximum Beam of vessels accepted 40 mtrs. Designed /actual draught 13.20 mtrs.

Handling Facilities: Rated capacity of the Plant 2500 MT/Hr. No.of Bucket Wheel Reclaimers 4.Rated Capacity of Reclaiers 1250 T/Hr,1500 MT/Hr.2000 MT/Hr,2500 MT/Hr, Two Rotary type Wagon Tipplers of 2500 MT/Hr,and each one can Tipple 25 Wagon/Hr.Annual through-put of the plant 4 million Tonnes.Average daily loading 20,000 Tonnes. This berth is now being used for mechanical loading of Iron Ore and Thermal Coal. The berth can also be used for bulk loading /unloading of other ores by Ships gears.

Cargo Berths: First Cargo Berth Length 281 mtrs.Designed/actual Draught 11.50 mtrs.Second Cargo Berth Length 205 mtrs. Designed/actual Draught 11.50 mtrs.Third Cargo Berth Length 200 trs. Designed/actual Draught 12.50 mtrs. South Quay Length 265 mtrs. Designed/actual Draught 12.50 trs. Multi Purpose Cargo Berth Length 290 mtrs. Designed/actual Draught 13.00 mtrs.

Container Handling facilities: Facilities also exist for handling limited number of CONTAINERS.The stack yard close to the Cargo Berth can accommodate a good number of Containers. The Containers are to be discharged by the ships own cranes derricks or by wharf cranes on the berth.The port authorities plan to encourage handling of containers to cater to the needs of edporters importers located in the ports hinterland. A detailed technoeconomic feasibility study for providing container handling facilities including a container freight station has been conducted by the container corporation of india ltd . Expression of interest has been invited for setting up container handling facilities at the Port including berth, container parking yard and on BOT basis.

Integrated Fishery Harbour: At present, Paradip is the most important cente in the state for marine fishing. Now about 300 mechanised boats each of 10m length and 50 trawlers each of 13m length are operating here. An integrated Fishery Harbour for 370 mechanised boats of 10m.length, 80 trawlers of 13m.,15 trawlers of 15m.length and 50 deep sea trawlers of 23m.length has been developed for the purpose.



Adequate supply of water to Ships is available.Limited bunkering facilities are available from Indian Oil Corporation.


The Port has a 500 Ton slip-way along with workshop for repair and maintenance of Port crafts and barges. A Wet Basin for Port  crafts is available close to the Slip-way.There is a well equipped Central Workshop for repair and maintenance of Port equipment. This workshop can undertake repair jobs for ships, in case of need.


The concept of single-Window service facility is available at the Port through its Central Documentation Centre (CDC).The CDC,besides housing the Traffic, arine and Finance & Accounts Departments of the Port, also extends Custos and Banking service facilities.


The Port is connected with Broad-gauge Railway system of the South Eastern Railway and is also served by National Highway No.5A.The port is a part of the PORTNET-a Closed user Group (CUG) under the NICNET-provided by the National Informatic Centre(NIC)The PORTNET facility provides E-mail facility between the ports, Ministry and the indian Ports Association (IPA). Gateway facility with international networks is also available through NIC and VSNL.

The computerisation of the entire port operation and documentation has been taken up as the first stage in EDI and will bne fully operational during 1999-2000.Port users can have terinal facilities to this Port Operation System through modem.


The Port estate extends over a sprawling area. Some portion of the Port estates has bneen lesed out for construction of office/residential buildings of concerns directly connected with activities of the Port. The Port Trust has also a schee of providing ready built office/residential accomodation on 15 years Advance Rental Deposit Scheme. Details of the scheme could be had from the Estate Office of the Port.

Port Twonship:

The Port Township has a population of about 80.000. The Port Trust staff colonies are located in Madhuban, "V" Point,Sector-21 and Atharbanki  areas. The Port Trust have also provided required accommodation for office/residence purposes to various users of the Port in the staff colonies.

Water Supply:

Adequate water is supplied to the Port Township from the extension of the Atharbanki Canal. The Port has the facility for supplying filtered water upto 2.5 million gallons a day.


The Port Trust has a modern 62-beded hospital which has adequate number of qualified doctors and specialists for treatment of Port Trust employees and Cargo Handling Workers. The hospital is also used by others based at Paradip Port. Besides this, dispensaries at Atharbanki and Sector-21 and a First-aid Centre inside the Cargo Berth Area are also run bny Paradip Port Trust.Thesre is also a 10-beded hospital run by the Government of Orissa.

Post Office:

There are four Post Offices in the Port i.e. the main Post Office at Sector-21,Madhuban and Atharbanki areas. The main Post Office has public telephone call facilities.


The Port of Paradip,a body corporate under the Major Port Trusts Act, is administered by a Board of Trustees set up by the Government of India and comprises the Chairman appointed by Government of India, who also presides over the Board of Trustees and Trustees nominated by Government of India from various users of the Port such as Shippers, Shipowners, Government Departments concerned and also labour. The day to day administration is carried out under general supervision and control of the Chairman, assisted by the Deputy Chairan and various departmental heads.


Charter-party holidays as laid down by the Cuttack Chamber of Commerce every year.


To cope up with the buoyant traffic, a no.of capacity yielding developental works have been taken up by the Port. A Rs.587 crores ADB-aided project for handling 20 million tonnes of thermal coal per annum is in progress. This includes construction of 2 berths withmechanised loading facilities and receipt, unloading and stacking of coal through bottom discharge type of wagons. The project is scheduled to be completed by july,2000.

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